Paulo Franco


The best choice for your event! Nice Saxophone Player who will take you and your guests to a nicest musical mood!


Events 节庆活动

Paulo Franco is a Pop & Smooth Jazz Saxophonist and multi instrumentalist musician with a large stage experience on any type of events worldwide. Acting in China since 2012, Paulo Franco have been performing on very important events such as for customers like: Audemars Piguet, Ross Simons, Maryling, Dead Sea of China, China Cup,, Intercontinental Hotel, Shenzhen Media Group, OCT, Jaguar, Audi, Porsch, BMW, Renault, Ferrari, Tencent, Honda, OPPO, and many others. 

保罗·弗兰克除了是一位流行乐和Smooth Jazz的萨克斯演奏家外,同时也能表演其他多种乐器,他曾参与世界各地的各色表演,拥有丰富的舞台经验。2012年,保罗开始了他在中国的舞台生涯,先后多次与知名品牌如爱彼(Audemars Piguet), 罗斯·西蒙斯,玛丽琳,豪麟,中国死海,中国杯帆船赛,500彩票网,洲际酒店,深圳广电集团,深圳华侨城房地产,捷豹汽车,奥迪,保时捷,宝马汽车,雷诺,法拉利,腾讯,本田,OPPO手机,等等一起合作重要活动的策划及演出。

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Solo Shows 独奏表演

Paulo Franco can perform solo with high quality backing tracks for your welcome show or your main satage show. 


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Band Shows 乐队表演

Paulo Franco can join your current band or bring a band or form a duo, can perform as solist with the band or simply as an accompaniment musician.  


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Multi-instrumentalist 多种乐器演奏

Paulo Franco can go for a Piano, Guitar or Percussion show as well, joining a band or forming a duo with a singer or another instrument else. No matter big or small your event is, we have the perfect fit for it.

除了萨克斯,保罗·弗兰克还能与其他歌手或乐手组成乐队演奏钢琴、吉他、鼓等乐器。所以无论您的活动规模多大, 我们都能提供适合您的需要。


Videos, pics and more  视频, 图片,媒体

If you are in China 如果你在中国:
Clik here 点击这里 (Tencent Drive 腾讯微云) To access:
- Videos, Pictures, PTT, Songlist, etc...
- 视频,图片,PPT, 等等。。。

If you are not in china:
Download Video 1下载视频1 (Señorita)

Download Video 2 下载视频2 (Versage on The Floor)

Download Video 3 下载视频3 (September)

Download Video 4 下载视频4 (I Am Waiting For You)

Download video 5 下载视频5 (Dancing Monkey)


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Information 联系信息

Please contact your preferred agent and for booking Paulo Franco. 


Common Questions 常见问题

Does Paulo Franco need a Sound System to perform? 


R:  Yes, if you need a full quality and a exciting environment yes. Paulo Franco usually brings his own Pro Microphone, and the backing track files to be loaded on your sound system. However, there's some cases that the client wants only a very acoustic unique mood for some entrance or welcome hall, it can be done without sound system.  In the case it to be a Band Gig, it only can be done with Sound System.